My two Maine Coon cats finally happy!

Dear Anifit team,

My two main coons, that was a long story...

They are only a year apart in age but are like night and day in temperament. It was always a big struggle to find the right food. One gives them intestinal problems, the other is not nutritious enough or they won't even touch it.

They are quite big cats and I think a healthy diet is very important to keep them healthy and fit. One of them has always had problems with her coat, she always had knots and it was very greasy. Since I've been feeding her Anifit, this has improved a lot. She loves the Anifit food and is the first one at the bowl when it's feeding time and eats it with relish. The other one is quite critical, and she doesn't eat herring, for example, but mixed with salmon like in Nautilus Ragout she likes it. But oh well, sometimes we don't like something and that's ok. I don't think it's a bad thing if the animals are critical. So, I will only feed my cats the Anifit food, it's just great.

Yours sincerely

Tineke Mostert from the Netherlands

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