From dry to wet food

Dear Anifit team,

Wendy, 12 years old, was confiscated from a Messi household and housed at the Mon Ro Ranch cat shelter for a year. There she was offered wet and dry food (all kinds of donations). But she only ate dry food. She also did not eat well and did not like to eat (without appetite). On 07.10.2018 I was allowed to take her into care. I got some dry food (I'm Bella beautiful - rich in chicken with anti - hairball and for supple skin and shiny coat as well as Kitty's Cuisine, Adult, Rindliebe with savoury beef, pomegranate and acai berries, which they currently had, to take home for her. She ate about 50 g of both flavours mixed into 3 meals a day. That was a lot, because she felt comfortable in her new home.
As I had given away all the remaining 400 g and 800 g tins of Ani fit from my cat that died in February 2018 to Tierhilfe Niederrhein, I immediately ordered a taster pack = 6 varieties of 200 g tins of wet food, 1 test pack of salmon oil 60 ml, Picco Lina 20 g treats and Picco Train 30 g (for clicker training) for €20 from my Ani fit consultant, the Zintl family. The delivery arrived immediately within 2 days.

I started with the change of food:
I put both types of dry food into the food processor at the same time and ground them finely. Then I put about 15 g of it in Wendy's bowl and crushed 1 tsp. of one type of Ani fit wet food underneath with a cake fork, so that it looked like pellets again and smelled like her familiar food, because cats don't go by taste, but by smell and familiar consistency. She smelled it, tasted it carefully and took it. I kept at it until the first tin was empty. Because I keep the opened tin of food in the fridge, the food is too cold for the next meal. So I either warm it up on the radiator, on the coffee machine or I add a little hot water. I realised that she then likes it much better. Then came the 2nd flavour; the same. When she didn't disdain this variety either, I gave her 2 teaspoons of wet food and a few grams less dry food at each meal. The same with the 3rd variety and so on until we reached 5 - 6 teaspoons per meal. Then it was probably too much for her and she didn't want to finish it. I reduced it again to 4 teaspoons of wet food. She ate it again. I added a few drops of salmon oil once a day. She liked that too.

Because I wasn't sure whether I could really change her diet, I asked Zintl's if I could get a taster pack. That was no problem at all. I started the 2nd pack at the end of October. She ate all varieties, the ground dry food was reduced and the wet food increased. I ordered a normal delivery of all varieties because I now knew that it would also work for her. What I then learnt from the specialist advisor was a really great service from Ani fit, because because it is an animal welfare cat, Ani fit delivers the first delivery for one month free of charge, the 2nd and 3rd delivery for one month at half price.
Wendy was switched after 6 weeks. As a precaution, so as not to experience a setback, I always left the open tin of ground dry food next to her bowl at every meal (just under 70 g of wet food) to preserve the familiar odour. I was able to clear this away at the end of November. Even if she doesn't manage to eat it all at once and it dries up, she naturally likes it because she was used to it. It can easily be kept open overnight at room temperature, precisely because it then dries up. The first bottle of salmon oil is almost used up. After just 1 week of wet food in teaspoon quantities, Wendy no longer lost any tufts of hair and after 3 weeks her coat was shiny and she had finally put on 250 g of weight. In order to do something for her dental care, I occasionally give her some Picco Lina and Picco Train as a reward when playing and some chicken hearts, 35 g of which were in the 2nd taster pack.
She now often announces herself with her high-pitched voice and tells me near her bowl when it's time for her meal again.
I know she is healthy, well hydrated (because cats are known to drink far too little), she is doing well, she likes it and she feels good. I am very reassured about that. Of course, I make sure that she doesn't get too much, because I don't want her to become overweight.

Kind regards
Gisela Heynert

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