Emma finally has her zest for life back!

Emma, an English Springer Spaniel, came into our family in November 2011 as a six-month-old. She was very problematic in her food intake right from the start, as she was used to fighting for her food in the pack and could now refuse it in peace with us.

One week after another she refused her food, only accepting the change. So she was spoilt rotten by us, because 'the dog didn't eat well'. She was also sensitive from the start, one loud word and she lay flat on the floor and at most moved her eyebrows.

So we have constantly given new food, ..............................

The main thing is that Emma eats.
Over the years, Emma became fatter and fatter and even developed various allergies. She scratched herself all day long so that there was no more fur on her chest, even mostly bloody, crusty and sore, and very oozing, in short, our Emma stank to high heaven.
Anifit was recommended to me almost exactly 2 years ago. Since then we have only been feeding Anifit, including the treats of course!

Now Emma is a dog with a zest for life again, she has lost an enormous amount of weight, has been eating her bowl for 2 years with a ravenous appetite - as if she had just been washed upJ - and no longer has any allergies, unless the ticks have once again attacked her.

An all-round happy and exuberant dog.

Thank you Anifit
Claudia Schmitz

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