A new life begins for Hoschy!





Dear Anifit Team,

There's even a little preamble to this story. One and a half years ago, when I was at Hoschy's for the festive meal, he had only been given dry food up to that point. He was 6 years old then. His owner had followed her vet's advice with a clear conscience that dry food should aid digestion to counteract diarrhoea, as French Bulldogs are more prone to it.

So there wasn't much in the way of variety. The feast with Anifit convinced his mum, so we wrote down the order. The low coffee table was ideal, allowing Hoschy to lean on the edge of the table to keep a close eye on the action. After I had put the pen down on the side, the dog pressed his snout into my hand out of sheer gratitude. Hoschy, I said, a new life begins for you today!

When Hoschy started switching from dry food to Anifit, he had to deal with diarrhoea and vomiting for a few weeks. After about two months, his coat improved. It became beautifully soft, shiny and no longer sheds; only during the coat change in spring and autumn. The whole floor used to be covered in black from the shedding coat. The figure is also very nice now, and the whole dog even smells nice! Hoschy is very happy with his Anifit, it tastes great and is simply good for him!

Best regards,
Erika Ober, Vienna, October 2017

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