Better quality of life thanks to ANIFIT





I bought my dog Piwi in Feb 2003 from a so-called "breeder" at the age of about 5 months. At that time I did not know that Piwi had enormous health problems and in particular considerable nutritional problems. However, I realised this very quickly, as Piwi was
Piwi had to go to the vet every 2 days at first because she could hardly keep food down or digest it.

This condition improved later but Piwi could never really eat what she wanted without problems. Piwi had particular problems with offal or poultry products, which manifested themselves in diarrhoea, loud squeaking bowels and enormous flatulence.
Her coat was also constantly lacklustre, dull and flaky. Piwi lived through this ordeal for 13 years and now I have met Mrs Rosen - Strauch
got to know Mrs Rosen - Strauch.

I told Mrs Rosen-Strauch about Piwi and she recommended ANIFIT to me. I have been switching Piwi's diet and that of my three cats Shadow, Dory and Luna to ANIFIT since April 2015 and I am delighted. But it's not just me, NO, my 4 rascals are also
totally thrilled.

Piwi has never once had diarrhoea or a squeaky bowel. Her coat and the cats' coats are silky and shiny. Piwi no longer has flaky skin and my four pets tear at it when I open the tin of ANIFIT. It doesn't matter whether it's food for Piwi or ANIFIT cat food.

Piwi has a better quality of life thanks to ANIFIT.

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