the very best is" Healthy treats without empty calories, fat and chemical additives

I would like to introduce myself briefly. My name is Hedi Pollermeier, I am a two-year-old Yorkshire Dwarf Spitz mix bitch weighing an impressive 3.4 kg. I guard a large property and the surrounding forest and am always praised by my pack members. Unfortunately I'm not allowed to be the boss, that's Mausi. Mausi is always the boss, even Schatz is subordinate to her. At least that's what they always call each other, for me it's mum and dad. I'm a bright and lovable dog and love my pack more than anything and they love me too. Only sometimes I caused them a lot of worry because I was just feeling bad and didn't want to eat any more, my tummy hurt a lot and I had diarrhoea. Mum always looked at me sadly, massaged my tummy, cooked it especially for me, they call it "chicken with rice" and if it didn't get better, she would say the bad word "T...."....Oh no, I was scared and didn't want to go there!
I don't have to now, but mum better tell you, she's better at it....

Yes, hello dear Provital team,

Hedi has already described everything well. Our little sunshine has an intestinal problem, she has already been tested for allergies, but with no results. Together with our vet we looked for alternatives, bought high-quality food, whether dry or wet food, it worked for a while, then the same problem kept recurring. Hedi is our first dog and we want to do everything right, but we were desperate. I started researching again and by chance came across their website, dog food from Sweden. I did a lot of reading and it all sounded very plausible to me, so I ordered the taster pack. Surprisingly, I received a message from Mrs Britta Räth saying that she would like to advise me on changing my dog's diet. And what can I say, this was new to me, I was already enthusiastic at the time. After consulting Mrs Räth, we were ready to go. The changeover was very easy because Hedi cleans her bowl down to the last crumb and nothing has changed to this day. She loves her food. We started with "Gockel's Duett" and "Power Darm" and after just one week Hedi was passing regular and, above all, "well-formed" faeces. We are delighted, no more tummy ache and diarrhoea since then. If the dog is doing well, so are mum and dad. In the meantime, we have already tried out their product range. On a side note, 100 points for the creativity in naming your products... "Witwe Boltes Schrecken", you have to come up with that first...always a smile.
But let's return to your food range, whether it's main meals or treats, our Hedi loves everything. She especially loves nibbling on the chicken stomachs, or the dried chicken and turkey breast, the insect snack, everything is great! And what's best of all is "healthy treats without empty calories, fat and chemical additives!" As an owner, you don't have to feel guilty if you eat one more treat....

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Britta Räth once again for her excellent advice and the fact that I have found a reliable contact person in her.
I have been feeding ANIfit food since April and we have not had to visit the vet since then.
I have recommended her many times and with a clear conscience.

Hedi, Mum and Dad wish you all the best and many happy and satisfied customers.

Best wishes from Saxony

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