Reserve portion Schäfers Pfanne Lamb / beef / poultry

Reserve portion Schäfers Pfanne 150g (1 Piece)
Reserve portion Schäfers Pfanne 150g (1 Piece)
Reserve portion Schäfers Pfanne 150g (1 Piece)
Reserve portion Schäfers Pfanne 150g (1 Piece)
Reserve portion Schäfers Pfanne 150g (1 Piece)
Reserve portion Schäfers Pfanne 150g (1 Piece)
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1 Piece, 150g
11.50 €


The freeze-dried version of our meal “Schäfers Pfanne”. Useable for 10 years and due to the removed moisture very light - perfect for travelling, hiking or emergency pet food.



To serve pour hot water (270 ml water for 100 g product) over the product and wait for a couple of minutes.


Special features of Anifit meals

  • wholesome meat products containing 90-99% meat
  • contains only meat which has been approved for human consumption
  • contains only natural raw ingredients
  • delicately prepared using a cold filling process
  • home delivery service
  • free from sugar and other flavour enhancing substances
  • free from soya and corn
  • free from preservatives and colourings
  • free from attractants and fillers
  • free from animal meal
  • free from plant and cereal flours
  • no animal testing


List of foodstuff

Lamb muscle meat 23 %
Chicken muscle meat 23 %
Beef muscle meat 14 %
Salmon 5 %
Beef liver 7 %
Beef lung 15 %
Beef throat 6 %
Totel meat & fish 93 %
Rice 4 %
Carrots 2 %
Peas 1 %
Share < 1 %:
1 %
Total 100 %

Muscle meat includes skeletal muscles as well as heart and stomach muscles. All values rounded.



Meat and animal-by-products, fish and fish-by-products, rice, vegetables, minerals

Analytical components

9 % crude protein, 7 % crude oils and -fats, 0.3 % crude fi bres, 2 % crude ash, 78 % moisture, 3 % NfE (~carbohydrates), 0.21 % calcium, 0.19 % phosphor, 0.2 % sodium, 5 mg/kg copper, 21 mg/kg zinc, 5 mg/kg manganese


Nutritional supplements

Vitamin D3: 200g IE/kg

Feeding recommendation

Feeding recommendation (daily portion):

Base is the normal weight of the adult dog.

Dogs with 2-5 kg: 100-200 g
Dogs with 6-25 kg: 200-600 g
Dogs with 26-40 kg: 600-800 g

For a precise calculation of the feed amount, contact your Anifit advisor or use the Anifit feeding calculator.

Divide the above mentioned or calculated weight by 4. This equals the weight of the freeze-dried reserve portion.


Best before

The product is vacuum packed and has a very long best-before-Date.. Due to this long time period, the amount of vitamins cannot be guaranteed. In the first two years after production (meaning 8 years before the end of the best-before-date) there should be enough vitamins for a all-in-one feed for dogs.

Product information

Food supplement for dogs
Bag with 150g, equals 600g before freeze-drying
Produced in Sweden and freeze-dried in Germany.

What our clients say

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